Eyes horizontal, nose vertical
November -December 2023
Kah Bee Chow
Mikko Kuorinki

Static stabilized as if mosaic tiles on walls are whitenoised crossword puzzles puzzled, eye star lid close up as sentence after senseance of a semi quietude harvest flattened moulded under table trees and flowers mon- eyed casts and pasts

Tried at first without such form yet under roof which carries all the weight and current, this and present, simple task so difficult to speak in calendaric long term storage palindromes and holes as rabbitted as caul- drons vats this vessel

Flipconverseside words all modelled into spitting image in reverse of signal flattened smacked up onto walls as old unbroadcast static now encircling hold, but won't, won't hold but uncontain and rationale an antithesis such a sort most rarely found in grid mesh lattice gardenfloors and flatbedflowers emptied carbs, shrinkwrapped and shipped as just neglected, cast away

Weight of hold and keep as verbs and nouns in softly stipulated two-way movements from a floortoground, flower-cellulose, mouldtomovemen- tarily by no means final finite in a distributed softranslation greeting sea and forest, shrunken shrine of rhymes, wait or hold and keep

- Henning Lundkvist

Kindly supported by Københavns Kommune & Frame Contemporary Art Finland