Hhh Hhv Hhh
September 2020
Maria Zahle
feat. DEAP

Tiled walls, vast ceiling height, and an experience of being both inside and outside. Tones of grey, cool air, and hard surfaces. The garage that makes up the exhibition space at AGA Works is not exactly welcoming. This leaves a lot of room for an artist to re-imagine what a space, this space, could become. With a large scale installation of paper and ink, a woven wall based object, and a sound piece giving the room a breath of its own, Maria Zahle and DEAP inhabit the space with constructed bodies and pulsating colour.

Maria Zahle graduated from the Slade School of Fine Art and Royal Academy Schools, London. April 2021 will see her first major solo exhibition in Denmark, No Stranger or Lover to Me, at Rønnebæksholm, Næstved. She is co-founder of the project space and shop Polychrome, Amager. Maria Zahle is represented by Arcade, London.  

DEAP is the project of Pernille Nygaard Zidore & Aske Zidore. They will release their first album “Musik i en Tid” in September 2020 containing a series of vocal observations and notes on art, sound and lived life over time.

AGA Works is the new industrial garage site of Tørreloft, an international program focusing on experimental forms of production, collaboration and experience. In opposition to the original clandestine drying attic, the new location and format presents with overt public contact, where the 4th wall is an open garage shutter to a busy street.