September - October 2021
Moa Alskog
Thorbjørn Andersen
Marie Søndergaard Lolk
Johanne Rude Lindegaard
Pernille With Madsen
Sarah McNulty
Charlotte Thrane
Makino Takashi (JP)
Luke McCreadie (UK)
Barbara Amalie Skovmand Thomsen (DK)
Elliot Dodd (UK)
Kianoosh Motallebi (UK/NL)
Johann Lurf (AT)
Sol Archer (UK/NL)
Steffen Levring (DK)

For the 7th exhibition at the current site of Tørreloft, 7 artists respond with works that inhabit the surroundings of the former AGA factory. From the factory’s previous focus on ‘Making our world more productive’ to its current form as artist studios, the exhibition sheds light on production, the industrial background and future of the area, through the transient nature of artistic production.

Around the AGA Works garage in the industrial space of parking and transport, one finds a space for loading and unloading, pause and future departure. Works will park and provisionally occupy the lot, hedges, basement, top of the building, with the potential to merge, shift or decay.