På Korte Kontrakter
August - October 2023

Curated by Kaspar Bonnén
On Short-Term Leases is an exhibition series focusing on the inflation of housing rent in Copenhagen and on how artists today work and live in the city. It seeks to present the conditions that artists are working under. Who has the right to exist in the city? Who decides the development of the city? How do we create a more diverse urban space?

In conjunction with the exhibition series, På Korte Kontrakter, at Den Frie.

1.) Søren Thilo Funder
Suicide Slide - bringing together different trans-realistic narratives that revolve around the realm of high frequency trading, financialization and horror fiction in a multi-channel video installation.
Curated by 68 Art Institute.

2.) Golden Enterprise
Sian Kristoffersen
Marie Bancks 
Jacob Remin
August Valentin

3.) Bodil Krogh Andersen & Martin Christoffer Lund